Environmental Consultancy Services

Water/Legionella and Indoor Air Quality Risk Assessment

One of the major objectives of any building requirement is to ensure the safe water is being delivered to its occupants. ABC offers service to manage the potential risks and hazards such as biological and chemical contaminants associated in a building water system to achieve best environment and for health safety and regulatory compliance.

Legionella Awareness

Legionnaires disease is  caused by a bacteria which thrives in air and water system. Dubai Municipality established “Guidelines for the Control of Legionella in Water Systems”, demands to appoint a person for legionella control and the person should be trained in control of legionella, We offer such training services pertinent to the guidelines mandated by local and international laws. 

Indoor Air & Water Quality Management System Development & Implementation

A management system for air and water quality maintenance is a systematic and scientific way of preventive maintenance and managing the risk. Our service involves the development of quality manual for water and air systems adhering to the local and international standards, procedures as per the quality manual and the record keeping system.

DNA Testing & Consultancy Services

Human DNA testing Services

ABC offers a comprehensive range of human relationship testing for peace of mind which will establish whether a biological relationship exists between alleged relatives like Paternity test, Maternity test, Siblings DNA test, etc.

Non-Human DNA testing Services

We offer a comprehensive range of nonhuman DNA testing in plants and animals to ensure the authenticity of animal/ plant products and the breed of certain species like Canine/ Dog parentage verification, Avian/ Bird DNA sexing, etc.

Environmental Testing Services

Food Testing

As a manufacturer, retailer and caterer, the main challenge is to ensure that the product you sell shall meets regulations of the UAE Government’s Food safety standards and is safe for the consumer.

Water Testing

Municipalities in UAE have implemented many environmental laws and regulations for maintaining water quality. ABC offers testing services for the water systems in Hospitals, Hotels, Residentials, etc. 

Air Quality Assessment

Air quality monitoring is carried to assess the extent of pollution and evaluate control options. With the advent of modern technologies, the air quality is being evaluated using sophisticated equipment and techniques by our lab.

GMO Detection in Food

Food businesses are likely to have in place procedures such as proper trails to provide assurance that all ingredients supplied and used meet the requirements of food legislation. Any food product that contains genetically modified plants or organisms, should be labeled as genetically modified. ABC tests your products to corroborate your GMO free label.

Pork Detection in Food

Detection of pork meat adulteration in “halal” meat products is a crucial issue in the fields of modern food inspection according to implementation of extremely strict procedures for halal food labeling. ABC aims to detect and quantify pork adulteration in both raw and cooked manufactured by applying an optimized species-specific PCR procedure.

Laboratory Planning & Operation Services

DVI by DNA Profiling

ABC offers a laboratory setup setup services including software needed and  training from a well experienced Forensic Expert for Disaster Victim Identification or DVI  to identify victims of mass casualty incidents such as aircraft crashes or bomb blasts.

Environmental Testing Laboratory

With the experience of providing environmental testing services for more than 17 years around GCC, If you would like to setup a testing laboratory and require the ISO 17025:2017 accreditation, your search ends with ABC.


ABC strives to deliver outstanding value to our diverse customer base. We are committed to providing rapid turn-around-time, value-based pricing, technical assistance and accurate and timely reporting. Our test results assist the Client to improve the quality of their products, thereby maintaining the image of their brand. This is not only based on greater product safety and performance, but also in our client’s interest of their financial return on investment.

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