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Water/Legionella Risk Assessment

Water quality is an important part of built environment, health & safety plan in every organization. One of the major objectives of any building requirement is to ensure the safe water is being delivered to its occupants. Managing the potential risks and hazards such as biological and chemical contaminants associated with a water system is a requirement to achieve best environment and for health safety and regulatory compliance.

Legionnaires disease is a fatal form of pneumonia caused by bacterial legionella pneumophila which thrives in engineered air and water system. ABC offers a complete overview on legionella, its occurrence by a comprehensive Legionella Risk Assessment.

Indoor Air Quality Risk Assessment

Indoor Air Quality is considered a bigger health risk as the occupants are exposed to various pollutants within a closed environment and over a prolonged period. The density of the occupants renders the threat a bigger problem that can go out of control in no time. The prevailing ambient and working conditions in the GCC region forces people to be indoors for most part of their time. Thus, assessment of the air quality and maintaining it is paramount to avoid sick building syndromes arising from stagnant poorly ventilated air or inherent pollutants.

Scope of the Risk Assesssments

  • Survey of the premises.
  • Interview maintenance personnel with relevant questionnaires.
  • Assess the existing  procedures and duties.
  • Assess existing maintenance procedures .
  • Assess contractor’s duties & compliance with the local and international standards and regulations.
  • Physical water/air systems condition examination including onsite tests.
  • Water sample collection and conduct relevant laboratory tests.
  • Reporting of the Water risk assessment by rating the risk.

Program Outline

• Understanding the basics & Historical background.
• Morphology & Ecology.
• Diseases caused by Legionella.
• Symptoms of diseases caused by Legionella.
• Pathogenesis & Chain of events.
• Cases of legionellosis.
• Reasons for legionella outbreak.
• Legionella legislations.
• Legionella risk Management guidance.

Legionella Awareness Program

ABC offers comprehensive Legionella Awareness Program that helps to control legionella in premises.Studies have shown that sources of contamination and transmission occurs mostly in cooling towers, host and cold water systems, water tanks, showers heads, water features etc. and also workplaces that pose potential risk of exposure to Legionella.
Dubai Municipality as a part of its mandate to attain highest level of health & safety conditions in public establishments has established a guideline:

“Guidelines for the Control of Legionella in Water Systems”, the guideline requests to appoint a named person responsible for legionella control and the person should be trained in control of legionella.

Indoor Air & Water Quality Management

A management system for air and water quality maintenance is a systematic and scientific way of preventive maintenance and managing the risk. This involves from the development of a maintenance quality manual for water and air systems adhering to the local and international standards, procedures as per the quality manual and the record keeping system for the data recording.

Scope of INdoor Air & water Quality Management

  • Develop Written Control Scheme of control.
  • Water/ air system schematic drawing.
  • Develop Quality forms for:
    ▪ International guidelines/ regulations to maintain the potable water/air quality.
    ▪ Contact of responsible staff for different water/air quality maintenance jobs.
    ▪ Staff training records.
    ▪ Listing of water/ air systems.
    ▪ Supplier prequalification for water/ air quality maintenance.
    ▪ Yearly schedule for water/air quality maintenance management.
    ▪ Water/air quality maintenance log.
    ▪ Standards followed for water/air quality test parameters.
    ▪ Complaint log.
    ▪ Check list for water quality internal risk assessment.


  • Standard regulatory compliance of local and international standards.
  • Environmental & Health safety to customers and workforce.
  • Value addition on organizational safety standards.
  • Risk mitigation.
  • Managing Legionella risk and Outbreaks.
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