Disaster Victim Identification by DNA Profiling

Disaster Victim Identification or DVI is the method used to identify victims of mass casualty incidents such as aircraft crashes or bomb blasts. The process can be long and involved due the nature of the event and the need to correctly identify the victim.

Why DNA Profiling Method?

DNA profiling – with the advances in technology, DNA has become very reliable. DNA-based identification is considered one of the most important tools in the event of mass fatality incidents. This technology not only provides the most powerful method for identification, but also reduces the risk of misidentification by visual methods or by means of associated documents found with the dead body.

DNA based identification involves the comparison of DNA profiles of postmortem samples with those of antemortem DNA samples (personalized items e.g. shaving razor, tooth brush etc.) or by kinship analysis with living biological relatives. The identity of the missing person is finally evaluated by likelihood ratio (LR) calculations after DNA profile comparison.

Process of Disaster Victim Identification

Environmental Testing Laboratory

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Scope of Work

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How We Do It

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