Our Services

Indoor Air Quality is Considered a bigger health risk as the occupants are exposed to various pollutants within a closed environment and over a prolonged period. The density of the occupants renders the thread a bigger problem that can go out of control in no time. The prevailing ambient and working conditions in the GCC Region forces people to be indoors for the most part of their time.

Advanced Biotechnology Center is providing environmental consultancy services in Indoor Air Quality monitoring for all the parameters required by Dubai Municipality standards (Green building regulations and specifications chapter 400 section four). We are ISO 17025:2017 accredited in all the parameters (Nitrogen Dioxide, Sulfur dioxide, Hydrogen sulfide, Ammonia, Oxygen, Carbon monoxide, Carbon dioxide, Total volatile organic compounds, temperature, relative humidity, Particulate matter PM 2.5 & PM10, Total bacterial count and Total fungal count). Light, noise and air velocity  monitoring.

Advanced Analytics Strategies

  • Out of Total 13% Asthma diagnosis
  • Diagnosis

Research Done by Dubai Health Authority 2010

Advanced Technical Planning

  • Area monitoring Devices with State of the art sensor probes.
  • Advance Technical device sense BE with sensor probe
  • Advance Lighthouse handheld 3016 Particle counter
  • Buck bio-culture Suction pump
  • We are using many more testing Equipment's

Sub Services

IAQ risk assessment

Monitoring and analyzing risk factors in IAQ and calculating the health risks associated with various factors such as HVAC, occupies, various sources, types of illness and number of sick peoples in a building, SBS (Sick Building Syndrome) examination etc

Clean room certification

Cleanliness home validation and certification is a future requirement by Dubai Municipality for particulate matter 0.5, noise, pressure and luminescence.

HVAC inspection & review

Our services include Inspection and survey of HVAC, calculation of filter efficiencies, microbial growth study, ventilation rates and its studies etc..,

Pathogenic outbreak investigation

Surface & Indoor air disinfection

Consultancy & Supervision of surface & indoor air disinfection against Viruses, Bacteria, Fungi & Algae.