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DNA Lab Setup

Biotechnology laboratory development is a process that requires Expertise, Experience, Vision and a sound Knowledge of the Market, key Infrastructure and Financial requirement.

ABC’s Biotechnology laboratory Consultancy services takes into account all these core elements and provides consultancy under one roof. We can help develop a non-forensic DNA laboratory capable of performing food, plant and animal species authentication and verification.

The various stages of this consultancy will include


During this stage a detailed feasibility study would be carried out to understand the market needs and potential of the planned centre/laboratory. Detailed data will be gathered, analyzed. Budgeting will be done with details of the requirements both technical and non-technical.


During this stage the services will include the designing or restructuring if required, specifying the requirements and budgeting for the Laboratory. Designing of the lab has to be made that is compliant with ISO specifications so as to avoid any future modifications at time of approval.


This stage will involve the operational design of the laboratory and would include the following Instruments, Lab wares, Chemicals, Different kits required as per the tests planned.


Further consultations and back up on the laboratory setup if required would be given to the organization for an agreed time period. The scope and the details of the support will be discussed and decided based on the requirements and capabilities of the client.
Feel free to contact our technical team for any further clarifications and details.