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Water Testing

Water = Good Life…Monitoring Helps

Water is known as a natural solvent. Before it reaches the consumer’s tap, it comes into contact with many different substances, including organic and inorganic matter, chemicals, and other contaminants where the possibility of it getting contaminated increases.

ABC has the capability to carry out a comprehensive screening, detection and quantification of known and unknown microbes in various water sources around your premises.

We utilize standard, approved and accredited international methods based on conventional microbiology to the latest DNA molecular techniques. ABC has the edge over the others in having dual capability that will help you reach the cause of the contamination and help you take the appropriate remedial measures.


  • Enumeration and Detection of Microorganisms in water from various sources as per National and International Standards. Please check our capability brochure for the individual tests offered.
  • Chemical Analysis of water from various sources: All parameters including DM potability parameters and heavy metals.
  • Screening of Microbial Community and identification of unknown bacterial/Fungal isolates in water using ribosomal DNA sequencing Analysis.The assays provide a fast and accurate interpretation method to identify the pathogen.

  • Detection of E. coli 0157:H7 in water samples by PCR
  • Detection of Legionella sp. in water samples by PCR
  • Detection of Pseudomonas aeruginosa in water samples by PCR
  • Detection of vertebrate Species (Pork) in processed water
  • Bacterial identification of unknown isolates from water samples by ribosomal DNA sequencing
  • Fungal identification of unknown isolates from water samples by ribosomal DNA sequencing

  • Detection of Pseudomonas aeruginosa-conventional
  • Enumeration of fecal streptococci and enterococci count
  • Enumeration of Total Heterotrophic Plate count
  • Enumeration of coliform count and E.coli
  • Detection of Legionella sp -conventional
  • Chemical Analysis of water
  • For Any test not listed above please send in an enquiry and we will get back with our capability details at the earliest.