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Microbial Identification

The DNA regions have a sequence that is unique to the bacteria or fungus in question and can be utilized to identify the organism. ABC brings you a service based on the ribosomal DNAamplification and DNA sequencing of these fragments whereby we can identify any unknown bacterial or fungal isolate.

The DNA sequences are matched with NCBI’s GeneBank database which is the largest repository of DNA sequences from thousands of organism and results obtained. The process has a quick turn around time and ensures that the client gets the right identification.

MicroID can be used for

  • Quality control analysis in various food, water industries.
  • Any isolate from air, food and water sample can be identified and cause of contamination can be determined. It also helps in taking the right remedial action.
  • If you don’t know what’s growing on your plate, MicroID can identify that.


  • Please Submit isolated colonies on a suitable microbial plate.
  • Each plate should be labeled and marked appropriately.
  • Please check the time taken by courier from your end to reach our laboratory and accordingly prepare the samples. If required we might have to subculture the organism before proceeding.
  • Ensure proper safety packaging so that the plates do not break in transit. We will not accept broken plates and will discard for that might pose contamination issues


  • From a single isolated pure colony of bacteria or fungi extract DNA using standard protocol like organic method or CTAB method.
  • Run the extracted DNA on agarose Gel and quantify the same. Send us the Gel Photograph along with the quantified DNA.
  • Submit DNA of concentration at least 400 ng/µL, min 20 µL per rxn in dH2O

Contact us for any further information and utilizing our Identification service.