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Environmental Monitoring (Air, Water, Soil, Noise, Odour)

We conduct comprehensive environmental monitoring for water, air, noise, light, soil etc. All these aspects help you and your organization in several ways. It helps you in complying with the regulations and risks associated with non-compliance, enhance organizational quality and consumer trust and increased brand value.

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

Good indoor air quality improves the personal well-being and health of your employees. So, there is no doubt that premises with good quality air are more productive workplaces. ABC offers an indoor air quality testing and consultancy service that gives you peace of mind, knowing you are providing a safe and healthy working environment for your people.

We can provide an indoor air quality assessment that will instigate good environmental management of every aspect of your workplace. Our solutions can take you through the complete life cycle of your premises – from ideas for building design, through to techniques for safe and environmentally-friendly site demolition.

In our lifetimes, we each spend tens of thousands of hours at work. Poor-quality indoor air can cause major health problems, such as allergies and respiratory diseases. And even the minor ailments, such as headaches and eye irritation, can cause discomfort and distraction that can ultimately lead to lower productivity. If you want a more proactive approach to environmental management to give you a competitive edge, we can help you with innovative solutions to suit your workplace.

Indoor environmental quality involves regulating the climate, ventilation and humidity. We conduct thorough inspections of your heating and air-conditioning systems. We carry out ventilation inspections and on-site measurements of allergens, ozone, asbestos and other hazardous substances. The quality of your water supply is tested, in particular to rule out contamination that can cause Legionnaires’ disease. We can also examine noise levels, vibrations and light intensity.

We offer reliable and accountable data and an extremely advanced and cost-effective certification process. If you are dealing with multiple sites, our long-term monitoring techniques standardize corrective action across all sites and help reduce your operating costs. If you need to comply with relevant legislation, we can take care of that for you.

Our documentation allows you to make environmental management a sustainable part of your regular operations. Contact us today to find out how easy it is to improve your working conditions and create an environment where you and your people can operate at peak performance levels.

Ambient Air Quality

Your ambient air quality can affect the health of your people and your profitability. To be sure you are operating in a clean and safe environment; contact ABC for an ambient air quality monitoring and assessment plan.

The air quality in your work environment – the ambient air – can affect more than just the health of your workforce. A polluted environment can erode your competitive edge and cloud your corporate image. Air pollution can destroy local ecosystems and biodiversity, leaving a long-term environmental legacy.

Contaminated air can cause damage to building materials, decimate healthy forests and reduce crop yields.

We can help you prevent exposure to toxic substances. Our teams operate around the world, using the latest techniques to analyze ambient air and monitor emissions. We use a range of data – personal data taken from individual employees as well as complete workplace and multi-site monitoring systems. Our computer simulation models will help you interpret the data findings so you can decide on the right action plan.

ABC environmental laboratories are accredited and certified to applicable quality standards. We monitor each step of the way – through sampling, analysis and reporting – because the health and safety of your people is as important to us as it is to you.

Our air quality testing services cover:

  • Workplace monitoring
  • Personal air sampling
  • Dust particle pollution
  • Volatile organic compounds
  • Asbestos, man-made and mineral fibers and crystalline silica
  • Yeasts, molds and airborne microbiological contaminations
  • Odor measurements
  • Continuous air monitoring networks

To ensure you are complying with your local area regulations and guidelines for ambient air quality monitoring, we can work together to design and implement a monitoring program. Have confidence that you are providing a safe workplace for your teams and a clean environment for the future – contact our trusted team today.


Water Monitoring

To prevent environmental pollution, it is essential to properly treat waste water before it is discharged into the sea, rivers or streams. The purification of waste water can mean safe disposal in compliance with regulations. Also, suitably treated waste water can be recycled and reused for irrigation and other high-quality water purposes. To meet all necessary water regulations in either of these cases, you can rely on our waste water purification services.

Whether you have a new treatment plant or an existing installation, we can look at new treatment innovations and improvements that can make a difference, such as aeration systems and disinfection treatment. We can also extend and enhance your existing operations with minimum disruption to your current business.

If you are operating your own self-monitoring system, our environmental teams can quality control and validate your water monitoring and sampling devices. Our checks include:

  • Reviewing the methods used for water sample collection
  • The placement and operating conditions of your sampling and monitoring devices
  • Sampling volumes
  • Temperature levels
  • Transport and storage conditions for water samples
  • Annual check of all self-monitoring data transmitted during the year

We validate your compliance to technical requirements such as:

  • Verification of systems checks
  • Assessment of the quality of evaluation devices and sensors
  • Organization of samples
  • Measurement controls
  • Cleanliness and level of silting

Water Risk Assessment

The Water risk assessment will be done adhering to international standards. The risk assessment shall specifically comply with the UK HSE L8- Approved code of Practice and Guidance (ACOP), and other International Guidelines.

It shall also comply with the existing Dubai Municipality-Public Health Department guidelines for effective water maintenance in the engineering system of the premises.

Some of the major areas to be covered in the risk assessment audit would include

  • Record assessment for the engineering systems for its various maintenance procedures.
  • Checking critical points and on site testing of certain parameters that will determine the system compatibility with the existing norms.
  • Random sampling for detailed analysis of various chemical, biological parameters.
  • Interview with the Engineering personnel. Identifying the person-in-charge for the maintenance of the system.

Legionella Risk Assessment

The Legionella risk assessment will be done adhering to international standards. The risk assessment shall specifically comply with the UK HSE L8- Approved code of Practice and Guidance (ACoP) – The control of Legionella bacteria in water systems. It shall also comply with the existing local guidelines for the control of Legionella. The risk assessment shall include

Walk through survey of the Hotel to identify inherent hazards and expected risk.

Assessment of

  • All water systems and MEP
  • Management procedures & duties
  • Maintenance procedures including verification of records and log books
  • Contractors duties & compliance
  • Physical water systems condition including the chemical tests

This will include interview with maintenance personnel and filling out of relevant questionnaires. Sampling for Legionella analysis, microbiological parameters and other relevant data collection will also be carried out.

Noise Monitoring

Improve the health and safety of your site with noise measurement services from ABC. We will help you to comply with noise regulations for your area with solutions designed specifically for your business. Call our team of environmental experts today.

Noise from your industrial processes and machinery can damage the hearing of your employees and result in complaints from communities and local authorities. Our accredited experts provide you with a noise impact assessment and advice on the latest techniques for reducing and controlling noise emissions.

Our noise measurement experts are accredited to test noise emissions of outdoor machinery (European directive EC/2000/14). We measure noise on work sites, flight paths and transport routes to determine where there might be problem areas.

Our noise measurement services include:

  • Factory assessments
  • Individual product inspections and certifications
  • Laboratory testing services
  • Quality certifications and European Conformity (CE) marking for noise levels to show compliance with essential health, safety and environmental protection legislation
  • Technical assistance and documentation
  • Management certification

Noise testing measurements are displayed as color-coded, three-dimensional models that allow you to see the sources of noise. If your noise emissions are found to exceed the limits for your industry, our team of experts can find the causes and determine suitable corrective measures.

Our detailed documentation provides advice and innovative ideas for reducing noise. A maintenance plan will ensure your ongoing compliance with noise regulations for your field. Call our accredited noise testing experts today for more details.


ABC experts can help you eliminate odor pollution and meet emission regulations for your industry. Call our expert odor measurement services team today for a cost-effective plan.

Your work facility and equipment could be releasing polluting odor emissions into the atmosphere. Even when not hazardous, odors can still be a nuisance to your employees and nearby workplaces and communities. To thoroughly improve your air quality and control pollution, your environmental management plan should include odor monitoring services.

ABC is an industry pioneer in the area of environmental monitoring of workplace and industrial odors. Our environmental laboratories are fully accredited for sampling a range of environments and measuring concentrations of odors using dynamic olfactometry analysis and chemical measurements. We give you a complete evaluation of potential problem areas with a range of bespoke solutions to suit your workplace.

Our range of services includes systems for waste water treatment, waste management, livestock activities, the food industry, chemical services and the public sector.

If your industry has limits in place for levels of industrial odors, our experts can work with you to formulate a cost-effective plan. Call us now to find out how to eliminate odor pollution and meet the regulations for your industry.